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Our mission:

Partnering with families to classically educate students for Christ

Tapestry of West Columbus is a homeschool co-op designed to give your children a strong academic foundation with a Biblical worldview. The co-op consists of parent-teachers and also hired teachers.  You may be involved in the Classic or the Chartered portion of our co-op or both. Our heart is to disciple, while we teach.  We believe all of the subjects should be taught with a Biblical worldview. We are looking for like-minded families that want to encourage quality education and discipleship through all the subjects.

Tapestry Chartered Classes

Our paid classes or Tapestry Chartered includes hired teachers to instruct in elective classes such as Apologia Science, IEW Writing, Spanish, music, and others.  These chartered classes are intended to be a blessing to our Classic Tapestry members as well as other outside home school families.

Overview of planned Chartered Classes for the year 2022-2023:

  •  Spanish 1 - Teacher: Ashley Stickel

  • Chemistry - Teacher: Elizabeth Ohlinger

  • Advanced Biology: Human Anatomy - Teacher: Elizabeth Ohlinger

  • Physical Science - Teacher: Holly Easton

  • Elementary Science - Teacher: Holly Easton

  • IEW Medieval Theme - Teacher: Lisa Miller

Tapestry Classic Classes

Our Tapestry Classic involves history and literature using Tapestry of Grace, a classical Christian curriculum. Tapestry has divided their curriculum into age groups (K-12) called stages, where all students study essentially the same period in history, but at different reading & comprehension levels. Art, church history, worldview (HS), & literature are all taught alongside the corresponding historical segment from a biblical worldview. The curriculum divides the study of history into four eras, called year-plans, which take your entire family through the whole of recorded history in a 4-year cycle. This program is highly customizable and provides additional reading, projects, group activities, etc.

Overview of afternoon Tapestry Classic Classes for 2022 -2023 (participating families help with these classes):

  • History – Tapestry of Grace curriculum – all grades

  • Literature – Tapestry of Grace curriculum – all grades


The cost of joining Tapestry of Grace is $50 per family per semester (early registration is $25 for the first semester until May 31, 2022). Additionally, each family will pay $32/year to go toward our insurance fees. All chartered class teachers will also receive payment for their classes. Please see the class descriptions for the classes you are interested in to find the exact cost per class.



Our Tapestry of Grace unit studies for 2022-2023 will focus on the Fall of Rome through the signing of the U.S. Constitution, including the Medieval and Renaissance Periods.

Our chartered classes include Science, Writing, and more.




We meet at Life In Christ Fellowship located at 500 State Route 142 NE, West Jefferson, Ohio 43162.

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