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Registration & Family Membership
  1. To register for classes with us, please send a message through the "Contact Us" button below or email Laura Neely at After we receive your registration fee, you will be sent a link to register for individual classes.
  2. Early Bird Registration is from May 1st through May 31st. 
    $50/ $25 (before May 31st)
    Year-long courses are paid by semester for your convenience.  If you sign up for the Fall, you are automatically registered for the Spring Semester and are responsible for the fees associated with the class for both Fall and Spring.
  3. For the Fall Semester, the registration deadline is in early July.  
  4. All families are also responsible for a yearly building fee.  This pays for our insurance. $32 a year.
  5. All other class fees, paperwork, and supply fees are due on the first day of class at the Orientation Meeting.  
Fees in Summary
  • Family Registration Fee to Tapestry of West Columbus ($50 per semester /$25 Early Bird) 
  • Building Fee: $32 per year. Due First Day of Class
  • Year Long Courses: Paid directly to the teacher on the first day of class.
  • Elementary $100 per class paid directly to the teachers. ($50 per semester) .
  • Jr. High/High School $200 per class paid directly to the teachers ($100 per semester).
  • Semester Courses $100 paid directly to the teachers. 
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