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For Tapestry Classic

All dates Thursdays unless otherwise noted - 32 weeks of classes in all

Unit 1: Casting Off the Moorings

22-August  Week 2: The Progressive Era (skip week 1)

29-August  Week 3: Wilson's Reforms & Europe's War

5-September  Week 4: Deadlock and Death

12-September  Week 5: America Mobilizes & Russia Revolts

19-September  Week 6: Winning the War & Losing the Peace

26-September  Week 7/8: Postwar America/America's Roaring 20's & Russia's Stalin

3-October  Week 9: American Ballyhoo & Hitler's Early Career

Unit 2: Depression and Destruction

10-October   Fall Break

17-October   Week 11: Crash! The Great Depression in America (skip week 10)

24-October   Week 12: FDR and the New Deal

31-October   Week 13: Aggression and Appeasement

7-November  Week 14: Blitzkrieg!

14-November  Week 15: World-Wide War

21-November  Week 16: Unconditional Surrender

28-November  Thanksgiving Break

5-December  Week 17: Hot War to Cold War

12-December  Week 18: A Jewish Homeland

19-December-1-January  Christmas Break

Unit 3: Conformity to Counterculture

9-January  Week 19: India's Independence

16-January  Week 20: China's Revolution

23-January  Week 21: Truman: Korea & the Red Scare

30-January  Week 22: Eisenhower's Oasis

6-February  Week 23: Conformity and Change

13-February  Week 25: Camelot and Crisis (skip week 24)

20-February  Week 26: Johnson's Great Society

27-February  Week 27: A Nation in Distress

6-March  Break

Unit 4: The Postmodern World

13-March Week 28: Nixon: Détente and Watergate

20-March  Week 29: Ford's Integrity

27-March  Week 30: Carter's Malaise

3-April   Week 31: Reagan's Revolution

10-April  Week 32: G.H.W. Bush's New World Order

17-April  Easter Break

24-April  Week 33: Clinton's Lost Opportunity

1-May  Week 34: George W. Bush: War on Terror

8-May  Week 35: Obama: Hope and Change?

15-May  Week 36: Reflections and Revelation

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