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Guidelines & Expectations

*Updated May 2023*

Co-op consists of all-day classes on Thursdays (typically 9am-4pm) for K-12th-grade students taught by Tapestry parents and hired teachers for specific classes.  



  1. Early Registration will be open May 1st through May 31st.

  2. For the Fall Semester, the registration deadline is July 6th. Exceptions have been made to this deadline.  For the Spring semester, registration is in December with semester classes beginning in January and a registration deadline of December 1st.   

  3. For your registration to be complete, a non-refundable deposit of $25 before May 31st/ $50 after is required for fall enrollment.

  4. All the class fees, paperwork, and supply fees are due on the first day of class at Orientation Meeting.


Dates and Vacations

The dates of the co-op are Thursdays starting in August and ending in May for approximately 32 weeks.  We will take holiday breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Resurrection Week.  Our last day of co-op is typically in mid-May.


  1. Families should not miss more than three co-op days in a semester.  

  2. Special hardships that will require more than three absences should be submitted to the Co-op Director and will be considered case by case.

  3. In the event of an emergency or if a family is unavoidably going to be late, call or text the Co-op Director.

  4. If a parent is unable to attend co-op with their students due to emergency or illness, the parent may designate another parent to be responsible for their children (for that day only).

  5. Please try to be on time.  Tardiness causes hardship for teachers and students.



Life in Christ Fellowship has graciously allowed us to use their facilities.  We are not technically affiliated with any of their ministries, but we do willingly submit to the church’s authority.

  1. Please care for the church facility that we are using for co-op classes. It is a privilege for Tapestry to use the church facilities, so treat them accordingly.

  2. Certain areas are off limits. We will not be going into the storage rooms, the sanctuary, or the hallway with the offices and library. 

  3. Everyone must be willing to help clean up the church areas that we use after co-op each week. Many hands make light work.

  4. The entire property, inside and out, is under video surveillance. You can see the cameras mounted in each room and outside.

  5. The kitchen is available for your convenience. We can use the refrigerator, microwave, and stove. The oven is only to be used for warming, not for baking due to the fire code.

  6. Please keep food in the kitchen and fellowship hall areas.

  7. There is a pond in the yard to the west of the church. No one under 18 is permitted to walk to the pond unless they are accompanied by an adult.


Parent Participation

For Tapestry Chartered Classes: Parents of grammar aged students, K-6th are required to be on campus at all times while your child is in class.  Parents of students in 7th grade and up are not required to be on campus.

For Tapestry Classic: All parents will either teach or co-teach each co-op day (history, literature) based on a unit by unit rotation. The Tapestry classic classes require a commitment to teach and to buy the Tapestry curriculum.


  1. Non-refundable Deposit: $25 per semester is due at registration.   All other fees, including $32 for insurance, will be due at the Orientation Meeting.

  2. Checks should be made payable to TAPESTRY OF WEST COLUMBUS.

  3. Payment Policy:  All class and supply fees are paid directly to each teacher.  Students will not be allowed in class if fees are not paid in full unless another arrangement has been made.   

Teacher Training

Parents/teachers are expected to participate in two teacher training sessions per year, if they are scheduled.


Children Are Your Responsibility

Children always must be under the supervision of an adult.  If you are teaching or fulfilling a volunteer position, you may trade off with other parents, but at all times parents are responsible for their children.  Grammar students K-6th must never be left unattended outside or in the building or in the care of their siblings. Teens in some cases may be able to watch younger children.

Dress Code

  1. Modesty should be the goal of all students.

  2. Female’s tops or dresses must have necklines that do not reveal cleavage.

  3. Tops must have some kind of sleeve. Tank tops are not permitted.  The midriff area must be covered at all times.

  4. Shorts should fall at least mid-thigh in length. (*Update: We recognize that mid-thigh length shorts are difficult to find. Please dress with an attitude of modesty and propriety and do your best to wear shorts with as much length as possible.)

  5. Skirts and dresses should fall no shorter than the knee.

  6. Leggings may not be worn as pants.

  7. No pants with words written across the backside.

  8. Neither gender should wear clothes which reveal undergarments.

  9. No obscene or questionable decals or messages on t-shirts, jackets, notebooks, jewelry, etc.

 Parent/Teacher Classic Co-op Expectations

  1. Agree and adhere to co-op guidelines and expectations.

  2. Plan, prepare, & purchase supplies, etc. for the class you are teaching.

  3. Take attendance at the beginning of class each day. Notify the Co-op Director if a student is not in class for an unknown reason (if you know they are out sick, that is okay).

  4. Ensure your room is clean (including trash, floor, tables, counters, etc.)  Also, tables should be put in their original position before leaving your classroom.   

  5. If you are ill or your children are ill and you can’t teach during your scheduled class, please try to find a substitute teacher and inform the Co-op Director.


Discipline Policy

If at any time a child were to behave in a willfully disrespectful manner during group classes, please give the child a verbal warning asking them to correct the behavior.  If the behavior continues, the child may be removed from the class session. The teacher and the child’s parent will have a discussion and resolve the situation. The child should request and receive forgiveness as part of the resolution. The teacher and the parent will decide on an appropriate consequence for the child.  We have used copying Scripture verses during recess as a consequence for misbehavior. The co-op director should also be notified of the situation.


Too many "violations" could lead to suspension from group classes, field trips, or future activities. However, the child would be welcomed back when the child is able to continuously stop unacceptable behavior.

During co-op classes, field trips, and other activities, we ask parents and teachers to avoid being alone with someone's child during our group events. This is for the protection of the parents as well as the children.


Student Expectations

A.  Follow the General Guidelines & Dress Code set by Tapestry.

B.  Classroom Expectations

  1. Show up shortly before your class time in a calm and self-controlled manner.

  2. Prepare for class (get out your binder, paper to write on, a writing utensil, and your textbook if needed).

  3. Participate in a positive, respectful manner for the entire class period.

  4. Respect discussion manners:

  • Raise your hand

  • Hear & Listen to others.

  • Wait your turn.

  • No interrupting.

  • No belittling or snickering.

  • The teacher is the leader.

C.  Freetime Expectations

  1. Inside: don’t run, don’t raise your voice, don’t physically wrestle anyone else.

  2. If you are asked to do something (or stop doing something) by an adult, obey promptly and cheerfully. In the same manner honor your fellow co-op mates.

  3. Be careful of your speech. Specifically, speak in a way that builds others up. Do not ridicule or belittle others. No name-calling, not even to “joke around.”

  4. Look around at the adults and the children that are older than you. Act like them. Be mature - a leader for others.

D.  Respect all authority including teachers, parents, and other adults. Address all parents and teachers with their proper surname e.g. Ms. Smith, Mrs. Smith, or Mr. Smith.

E. Preparation Expectations

  1. Be prepared for class.  Do all your assigned reading.  Bring writing or other work that is assigned by your teachers or parents.  

  2. Students must have their parent send an email to the teacher to excuse them from their daily work.  If you do not have all your work, you will be asked to leave discussion until work has been completed.  


Guidelines and Expectations


I have read and acknowledge my understanding of the guidelines.

I also agree to adhere to the parent and student expectations. I understand that my co-op fees are non-refundable. 



Print Name








Please consider a love offering to Life in Christ Fellowship. You may give at any time to our treasurer. We will give to the church in December and May. Thank you.

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