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Why Join? 
Our Classical Christian Home School Co-op


Biblical Worldview

We are a Christian co-op that places the Bible as the ultimate authority for truth.  All subjects and learning are filtered through a Biblical lens.


High-Quality Curricula

History-Tapestry of Grace


Writing-IEW & Elegant Essay

Literature-Tapestry of Grace (Classics)


Unit Study For All Ages K-12


Our Tapestry Classic involves history and literature using Tapestry of Grace, a classical Christian curriculum. Tapestry has divided their curriculum into age groups (K-12) called stages, where all students study essentially the same period in history, but at different reading & comprehension levels. Art, church history, worldview (HS), & literature are all taught alongside the corresponding historical segment from a biblical worldview.


Quality Classical Christian Education

Our approach to learning is classical but practical.  Brain training and high quality is the focus. We teach our grammar students the basics of every subject.  The older students dialectic and rhetoric with the basic facts in place are challenged to communicate and analyze the material effectively.  Eventually, at the rhetoric stage, the students are able to logically and persuasively express their thoughts in written and oral communication.




Tight-Knit Community

Relationships are important to us.  A purposeful lunchtime is placed in the middle of our co-op day. This is a time of fellowship for all.  A separate recess for the younger students also gives time to build friendships and to learn how to play fairly.  We also strive to do activities outside of co-op and are purposeful in fostering relationships among one another.


Chartered Classes/Hired Teachers 

We have both hired and volunteer teachers.  The hired teachers are knowledgeable in science, foreign language, literature, and writing. Paying teachers for high school and other classes takes the load off of home school parents.  It also creates higher quality classes.  These paid/chartered classes are intended to be a blessing to our Classic Tapestry members as well as other outside home school families.  




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